The Voice of Reason…Business as USUAL!

This morning the internet is abuzz about the US government shut down. My mantra for today is: “Be the Voice of Reason…Business as USUAL”.

A point of view will proliferate that the mortgage industry will come to a grinding halt and with it there goes so many businesses inside and outside of real estate. These are hand wringing headlines and fear tactics.

The fear is that vital documents that the mortgage industry needs to function will not be available due to the shutdown. The list includes IRS tax transcripts, Social Security verification, FHA and VA case numbers, on and on. There goes the loan approval I got yesterday!

NOPE! This is NOT going to happen for any sustained time PERIOD! The feds have the ability to staff “critical” positions and the housing industry, OUR PASSION, is vital to everything in the US economy.

We may see a few days of teeth gnashing and disturbing headline news. YOUR job and MY job is to ignore it, because the impediment to our business is BLUSTER!

My game plan is to work harder. If you do the same, you will stand out from your competition.

I have turned off the news! I am confidently moving forward with your prequalifications and contracts. If we need to delay a closing due to paperwork, as usual, I will give you the heads up well in advance.

Our collective wisdom can keep the economy rolling. Real estate is our passion and there is NO paperwork that will slow us down unless we allow it! I am doing my part, go do yours!

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One Response to The Voice of Reason…Business as USUAL!

  1. Jan Hill … always the voice of reason. Too many speculations right now, lots of room for interpretation of “essential” (and a lot of finger-pointing) to prematurely get our collective undies in a bundle. What we know today is Austin is HOT and attractive, growing and homes are flying off the market … this will continue.

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