Mortgage Rates September 2013

Mortgage rates remain attractive and Austin home affordability remains near  historical lows.  This is why  Austin  mortgage brokers and lenders are suggesting that you take action on any home purchase decision sooner than later.

Home loan interest rates have been on a slight rise since June 2013 when the Feds announced that they will be planning to taper their purchase of mortgage backed securities.  Bond markets determine the rates we offer home buyers and the Fed bond purchases have served to help keep mortgage interest rates low. The goal of this program has been to stabilize housing and boost the overall US economy.

My service include real time monitoring of the bond and interest rate environment.   My team recommends the superior  home loan program that best meets your home ownership objectives.  I help you select the timing of your mortgage rate lock to ensure that we make the best possible financial decision.

Jan Hill team serving central Texas for more than 15 years.

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