The Basic Loan List


Loan checklist  LETS GET PREPARED!

  1.  Most recent 2 years tax returns, all schedules and pages
  2.  Most recent 2 years w-2’s
  3.   Most recent 30 days paystubs
  4.   Most recent 60 days bank statements, must contain full names on the accounts and account numbers
  5.   Most recent 60 days retirement account statements
  6.  Copy of photo ID’s
  7.   Name and phone number of your homeowner insurance agent (let them know my team will be contacting them)
  8.   Signed loan disclosures ( will be provided within 3 days of loan application as defined by RESPA and TILA


These are typical items needed in the loan process in order to fully complete your application.  The sooner you provide documents to me the better.  However, no documentation is required to apply for a mortgage loan.  Please gather these items and be prepared to upload the documents that my team requests into our secure systems.

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