July 4th, a day to remember

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Suzanne Whatley My sister is 11 years older than me and one summer when I was a teenager, I visited her and her family in Baton Rouge. Some kids down the street and I were lighting firecrackers in various objects so I put one in an empty matchbox and lit it. After several seconds when it didn’t go off, I picked it up and it went off in my hand causing some burns and lots of ringing in my ears. The next day the neighbors had a crawfish boil. Since my hand was bandaged up, I couldn’t peel my own crawfish so everyone peeled a few for me and I ate like a queen.

Allison Crow Flanigin I just love that we always went to lake Austin…hot dogs, burgers, all the crazy folks at the lake…and our family…with my dads corny jokes. It is my favorite holiday…simply because it is summer…love..family…friends..and sun. I suppose I should feel patriotic…and I don’t… And.. I do feel FREEEEE

Kay Angermann We lived across the street from a very large 3 -4 acre pond and our neighbors had a big deck over looking the pond. All the parents would go get us all fire works and supervise us and let us shoot bottle rockets off the deck into the water. The bottle rockets would light up under the water and we would shoot 100’s of them and thought our parents were the best.

Sandra Spicher I don’t know if I want a prize that suits my tale…but I had hiked to the top of Mt. Roberts in Juneau with friends and was leaning up against a boulder, enjoying the gorgeous view of the Gastineau Channel and getting ready to watch the fi…reworks, when a bullet whizzed past my ear and ricocheted off the rock behind me. I mistook it for a very fast and angry bee at first. Some yahoo thought it was cool to shoot up in the air to celebrate, I guess. I doubt anybody had put a hit on me at that age.
Jerry Garrett Our family dog was a dachhound. For the July 4th parade, Mother dressed me up as a chef and my little brother as a waiter. The three of us (me, bro and dog) walked in the parade with a large loaf of bread for a “weiner sandwich.” This was all before Anthony Weiner

Cherie Mathews I Dad raised me so one of his special Dad daughter times was to make sandwiches, pack drinks and talk about the weather and the wind for hours before actually getting on the lake to sit in our front row seats on the lake with a sandwich and… soda and wait for the show. I remember the fireworks lighting up my Dad’s face and I actually felt a hurt in my heart that said “I love you Dad and thank you for these special times you made for me”

Linda Sheets My brothers blowing up the plastic duck lawn art at the neighbor’s with m80’s and cherry bombs! Good times!

Cynthia Brown Every July 4 my cousin Bill and I would go into Austin fr Lake Travis, buy food beer and stop at every fireworks stand on The way back to LT, at dusk after lots of fun on the water, Bill would do a 2 hour fireworks show for the 4 kids and their friends, They still remember the great fun we had, I still remember his lovely wife Kay chasing Bill and I BECAUSE WE SPENT the rent money!

Pat Henneberry Where I grew up who ever had the tallest corn stalk and the biggest tomato by the 4th was considered the best farmer. My Dad wanted to win so bad every year. One 4th my Mom (Betty White) went to the store and bought the biggest tomato and p…ut them on the vine like they were growing. My Dad was so excited, he told everyone not to touch them because they looked like they were going to fall off the vine. All the farmers in the area were in on the joke. When it came time to weigh the produce my poor Dad saw the “stickers” still on the veggies. Everyone had a good laugh…even my Dad. Aftetr 55 years of marriage I ask my parents what is their secert to success…the answer is the same everytime I ask it…a good sense of humor.

Nancy Smith My favorite was spending July 4, 1976 in Philadelphia for the bicentennial. Downtown when everyone around the country stopped momentarily to sing the National Anthem. At Valley Forge to watch wagon trains from each state roll in. Fabulous fireworks on a hillside outside of town. Wonderful experience.

Jan Hill I grew up in this crazy little town Martinsville In… every year the entire town went to the little hill in the city park for fireworks…I was more excited than waiting for Santa Claus! One year as we all waited for dark, out of nowhere a bad storm emerged. My dad and I jumped in the car to go home to close our windows…wooowee, it felt like we entered a spaceship. Trees were being uprooted and we were dodging them. A twister had hit our town. The car ride was VERY exciting and I felt Robin riding along side her favorite Batman. The rest of the town stayed inside a park shelter and thankfully in spite of significant property damage no one was hurt. The fact that our entire community spent those hours at the city park probably saved many lives. My heart races when I think about it!

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