It’s hard for me to get used to

however Central Austin is turning into a renters market.  The recent article by the Austin Business Journal reports the number of new rental units that will be added over the next year+ .  These numbers for high end rentals are staggering.

ATX adds 110 new residents per day.  Currently there are 6000 central Texas available buildable lots…the current shift to a rental market makes sense.  We are a  demographic of primarily young people and our new residents want to live near the city center.  Renting rather than buying is an important shift for the new normal.

There are many implications to all of this for our lifestyle in ATX…I will continue my series of observations about these shifts over the next several weeks.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE ABOUT AUSTIN?  For me it is just about everything!

Click here for the link to the article about newly added rental units 



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